The Purple Onion offers exciting home-cooked food in a downtown Newburyport setting. Our casual, eclectic space has both café feel and modern appeal. Charmingly quaint and comfortable, the Purple Onion is a different type of food establishment whose ethos is to provide our customers with a healthy, fresh alternative to take out food. Our open-style, sauté-based cooking line demystifies the mystique of the kitchen allowing you to watch as your meal is prepared right before your eyes. Family friendly and moderately priced, the Purple Onion is the destination of choice in a town with dining options aplenty.
Thursday Specials

Curry Chicken Salad Wrap: sweet & spicy curry chicken with broccoli florets and cranberries over romaine lettuce and wrapped in your choice of a white flour or whole wheat tortilla!
Cuban Style Ham Melt (Wrap): our own take on this Latin Classic. Hot hearthstone hone ham, melted swiss, sweet roated red peppers, romaine lettuce and garlicky mayo all rolled up in a flour tortilla.  Ay caramba!
Tortellini Soup: Cheese tortellini lounging in a savory tomato-ey broth!
Veggie Chili - made with eggplant!
World Famous Lean Beef Chili
Tomato Soup

Daily Quiche
Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

See Our Daily Specials Page for more.

Open until 7:00 PM tonight!