Specials for Friday September 29th

Friday Specials
GAZPACHO is back! Our homemade chilled tomato soup with cucumbers, onion, garlic, honey, tarragon and spices topped with a dollop of sour cream and scallions – this cool, tasty treat packs a spicy punch

Cuban-Style Ham Melt : Our own version of this Latin classic made with hot Hearthstone honey ham, melted Swiss cheese, sweet roasted red peppers, pickles, Romaine lettuce and garlic Mayonnaise in a flour tortilla. . Delicious AND healthy!

World Famous Lean Beef Chili
Tomato Soup
Daily Quiche
Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownies!
Open until 7:00 PM tonight!
For takeout orders please call 978-465-9600


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